Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Burlingame

For expert commercial kitchen hood cleaning in Burlingame, turn to AAA Fire Protection Services who offers over 40 years of dedicated fire suppression services to commercial kitchens throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula.  We offer quality restaurant hood fire systems and UL 300 compliant restaurant exhaust cleaning services. We also offer a grease filter exchange service, which helps to update the exhaust hood filters in kitchen hood systems.


AAA Fire Protection Services help bring Burlingame commercial kitchens to UL300 standards by scheduling biannual grease exhaust cleaning services and by replacing grease hood filters with baffle 18-gauge galvanized units that fit snugly into kitchen hood systems. It is our goal to work with commercial kitchens to help lower the risk of fire and to increase the kitchen's fire suppression capabilities. We follow UL300 standards which require one nozzle per appliance and up to three nozzles on a 12 burner stove. In addition, we utilize wet chemical extinguishing agents too. Our deep understanding of California fire code and UL300 helps us to help you remain in compliance with governmental agencies. For more information about working with our company or for the specialized quote specific to your kitchen, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.

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