Fact or Fiction: No One Can
Prepare for a Fire

At AAA Fire Protection, we consider this statement fiction – not fact. We have over 40 years helping clients just like you prepare their business for the worst case scenario: an industrial fire that quickly becomes out of control. No one wants to think about or talk about the potential of a fire, but staying informed and being realistic allows you to adequately prepare for this unthinkable possibility.

Our job is to help keep your physical assets and team members safe through industrial fire systems that you can trust. And we take our job very seriously.

Your Business is Unique

No two industrial fire systems are exactly the same. Even within the same type of business or various locations for a single client we’ve seen significantly idiosyncrasies that need to be addressed. Fortunately, our professionals take the time to fully understand your business model and needs so we can recommend the best options for your business. Our fire protection strategies work for a variety of areas in your business, including:

Computer rooms
Food processing areas
Freezer and refrigeration units
Machinery areas
Break rooms
Company cafeterias
Conference rooms
Tool storage areas
And more

We Service and Install All Makes and Models
of the Following Brands


Flexible and Reliable

Restaurant manager works with his professional chef's

Even at times when your staff is at a minimum, your fire protection system is on guard against kitchen dangers. The systems that AAA recommends are easy to install and maintain, allowing you to reduce the downtime required for your fire suppression system.

Contact the professionals at AAA Fire Protection today to learn how we provide fire protection for California businesses of all sizes. Call us today at 855-778-7808 or check out our customer testimonials online.