Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Campbell

AAA Fire Protection Services provides UL300 compliant commercial kitchen services to Campbell businesses and commercial kitchens throughout the South Bay Area. We bring over 40 years of experience to the table and we provide quality services at affordable prices. Our comprehensive set of services begins with our restaurant hood fire systems, their care, and installation, as well as biannual restaurant exhaust cleaning services, which helps to remove excess grease from your kitchen hood systems ductwork. To round out our list of commercial kitchen services, we offer a grease filter exchange service that replaces old grease hood filters with UL 300 approved baffle filters.


We bring 40 years of fire protection services to Campbell commercial kitchens and businesses throughout the South Bay Area. Our expert service begins by understanding the details of California's fire code and the standards that are outlined in UL300. That deep knowledge allows us to help you remain compliant by offering grease exhaust cleaning services twice per year and by replacing exhaust hood filters with baffle filters that are UL300 compliant. If you'd like to schedule a cleaning or a kitchen walk-through so that we can provide you with a business-specific quote, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.

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