Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Danville

Danville and East Bay Area commercial kitchens can find affordable and high-quality fire suppression services at AAA Fire Protection Services. We are 40-year veterans of the commercial kitchen fire suppression industry and we offer our clients a long list of positive services. We begin with the service or maintenance of restaurant hood fire systems and we follow that up with sanitary restaurant exhaust cleaning services. To round out our services we offer a grease filter exchange service. All of these services help to decrease the risk of fire in your kitchen and increase the capabilities of fire suppression premier equipment. In addition, we work to UL300 standards.


Our professional team schedules grease exhaust cleaning when it's convenient for you. UL 300 requires that grease exhaust cleaning occurred twice a year and that it can only be perform by a professional cleaning company. We want to be that company and would be happy to put our expertise to work for you. The old-style exhaust hood filters that are made of mesh, are no longer compliant with UL300. In their place are grease hood filters that are baffle designed and that fit securely into kitchen hood systems. If you're ready to update your kitchen to UL300 standards, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.


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