Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Fairfield

AAA Fire Protection Services provides Fairfield commercial kitchens with outstanding and affordable fire prevention and fire suppression services. We are a team of experts with over 40 years of experience helping businesses just like yours. Our services include the installation and maintenance of restaurant hood fire systems, the periodic restaurant exhaust cleaning, and a comprehensive grease filter exchange service. All three of those services help keep your commercial kitchen in compliance with California fire code and UL 300.


AAA Fire Protection Services has been providing the North Bay commercial kitchen industry with four decades of service that is outlined with honesty and integrity. We maintain existing kitchen hood systems or install new ones that comply with UL300 standards. In addition, we service commercial kitchens with grease exhaust cleaning services twice per year. We understand UL300 like we wrote it. That's why we can offer affordable services and still maintain high quality. We schedule exhaust cleaning while your businesses’ close, so there's no impact to your restaurant. In addition, we swap out exhaust hood filters with filters that are compliant with UL 300. We utilize baffle grease Hood filters because they are superior to the old mesh filters. When we’re done, we leave your kitchen sanitized and clean while increasing your fire protection and fire suppression capabilities. For more information about working with our quality team, give us a call at (800) 543-5556.


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