Safeguarding Your Kitchen

AAA Fire Protection Services has been designing and installing complete industrial fire systems for more than 40 years. We are the experts! In addition to complete industrial fire systems, we sell the complete range of fire protection and suppression equipment, sprinklers, portable fire extinguishers and cabinets. We also have the area’s finest grease exhaust cleaning services and grease filter exchange.

We understand that when it comes to fire protection, there can never be compromise. Our entire staff is always learning and improving to safeguard better ways to protect your facility. 

Commercial and Industrial Fire Protection

AAA Fire Protection Services has provided fire protection for thousands of restaurants and industrial clients. As a family-owned company we have the highest obligation to the well-being of our Burlingame customers and their employees. Whether you own a restaurant or a food processing or industrial client, the pledge of AAA Fire Protection Services is to always to help you ensure the safety of your Burlingame facility.

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