Dependable Protection You Can Trust

No one wants to consider the devastation that can occur as the result of a fire. In a matter of minutes, your business and your belongings can be damaged beyond recognition – with little chance that insurance will be able to fully replace everything that you’ve lost.

Fortunately, AAA Fire Protection is here to keep your teams and your business safe. Our high-quality fire protection solutions are installed and maintained by caring professionals who take pride in their work. Our family-owned business has been serving organizations of all sizes in the California area since 1974, and we understand the meaning of service.

Commitment to Excellence

The range of organizations that trust AAA Fire Protection with their business is a testament to our commitment to excellence. From multi-national corporations such as McDonald’s, Facebook, Google and Costco to local and regional organizations, we treat each customer with the respect that you deserve.

Certifications and Licensing

From our top-of-the-line fire equipment to high-quality services delivered throughout the life of our relationship, our certifications will help maintain your government code requirements and keep your insurance costs under control. Each of our skilled professionals is licensed to operate in your location, and our ongoing education program protects your investment at all levels.

Our Services