Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Milpitas

Many Milpitas commercial kitchens partner with AAA Fire Protection Services because we offer comprehensive fire suppression and fire prevention services to businesses throughout the Bay Area. Our comprehensive commercial kitchen services begin with maintenance on existing kitchen hood systems and where mandated we offer restaurant hood fire systems. We also offer sanitary restaurant exhaust cleaning services that are efficient and that comply with UL300 standards. To round out our commercial kitchen fire suppression services we operate a grease filter exchange service that helps keep our commercial kitchen partners in compliance with California's fire code and UL300.


Our grease exhaust cleaning services are scheduled twice per year as required by UL300. We clean while your business is closed and we leave your kitchen clean and sanitary. Our exhaust hood filters are also UL300 compliant and replace dangerous grease hood filters made of mesh. Our hood filters are baffle - 18-guage galvanized units with a tighter fit so less grease enters your kitchen's duct system. Our expertise helps us provide efficient and affordable commercial kitchen fire suppression and fire protection services to businesses just like yours. For more information about our company, or for a detailed quote, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.