Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Napa

Commercial kitchen in Napa and throughout the North Bay Area use the professional services of AAA Fire Protection Services for comprehensive kitchen hood cleaning. We offer a complete commercial kitchen fire suppression and fire prevention set of services. Those services began with the installation maintenance of restaurant hood fire systems, restaurant exhaust cleaning, and a grease filter exchange service. By offering these sets of services, we help commercial kitchens just like yours remain compliant with UL300.


We maintain or install kitchen hood systems that meet UL300's rule of one suppression nozzle per appliance. Our grease exhaust cleaning services are not only thorough and sanitary, but they occur when your kitchen is closed. We work so that there's no impact on your business. We are conscientious of your businesses operation and our services are always at times when there is no impact to your services. Our exhaust hood filters are UL 300 compliant and constructed of 18-gauge galvanized UL300 listed parts. The new baffle grease hood filters are a tight-fit unit that keeps grease out of your exhaust hood duct system. AAA Fire Protection Services is an expert company and a partner to commercial kitchens. For information about our company or the services we offer, please give us a call at (800) 543-5556.