Fire Extinguisher Service Oakland

Oakland businesses that need help complying with California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 6151 can find expert fire extinguisher services by calling AAA Fire Protection Services at (800) 543-5556. We are a professional company who has been serving Oakland businesses and the entire East Bay Area for the past four decades. We bring honesty and integrity to every transaction and we help businesses just like yours comply with California's complex fire code.


Our comprehensive fire extinguisher services include the annual testing and tagging of each fire extinguisher in your building. We also make sure that you have the right types of fire extinguishers in the right sizes as mandated by California's fire code. We offer fire extinguisher sales, which makes it easy for you to replace noncompliant fire extinguishers. We also make it easy to maintain compliance with ongoing services that track and test fire extinguishers. We offer recharging services and hydrostatic testing for fire extinguishers as needed. For more information about working with our experts just give us a call at (800) 543-5556. We are always happy to answer your questions or to provide you with the business-specific quote for fire extinguisher services.