Fire Sprinkler Services Oakland

AAA Fire Protection Services is a company that understands the risk of fire to businesses in Oakland and throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We began serving clients in 1974 with fire protection services. Since then, we've gained over 40 years of experience helping businesses overcome the threat of fire. We offer a comprehensive set of services and our design team works seamlessly with contractors, architects, and your design team. We work on new building projects and on buildings under renovation.


We offer a comprehensive set of fire sprinkler services. Those services began with fire sprinkler installation. We design piping maps and sprinkler placements so that your business has 100 percent sprinkler protection. After fire sprinklers have been installed, we maintain them by offering fire sprinklers inspections. The goal of our fire sprinklers inspections is to determine the readiness of your fire sprinkler system. In the event that we find a problem, our fire sprinkler repairs team fixes it and your sprinkler system is back in business. Speaking of business, that's our goal – we want to keep you in business, even in the event of a fire. For more information about how to work with us or for a personalized quote, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.