Industrial Fire Systems Palo Alto

AAA Fire Protection Services has over 40 years of experience and expertise in fire protection compliance. We work across all industries around the San Francisco Bay Area. We help Palo Alto and Silicon Valley businesses meet local, state and federal requirements for fire protection. Our comprehensive service begins with the installation, maintenance and testing of Ansul fire systems. In addition, we provide emergency light installation and industry specializations, such as paint booth fire systems and specialty fire systems design for specific industries.


AAA Fire Protection Services makes it easy for small, medium and large sized businesses to always be in compliance with fire protection statutes. We offer installation and maintenance as well as ongoing services, such as emergency light service where our professionals provide routine emergency light testing and when needed emergency light repair services. We monitor all fire equipment for required service and we notify you about changes to the regulations that affect your industry. AAA Fire Protection Services offers integrity and honesty. We provide only essential services without frequent service calls for products that you don't need.