Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Redwood City

AAA Fire Protection Services is a professional fire protection company that services commercial kitchens throughout Redwood City and the Silicon Valley. Our services help to decrease the risk of fire and increase the fire suppression abilities of kitchen appliances. We install restaurant hood fire systems and offer a grease filter exchange service in conjunction with restaurant exhaust cleaning that meets UL300 guidelines.


AAA Fire Protection Services replaces exhaust hood filters that do not meet the UL300 standards with Grease Hood Filters with baffle designs. We use 18-gauge galvanized grease baffle type filters because they trap more grease than noncompliant grease hood filters. We also help by performing grease exhaust cleaning which helps to remove built up grease from kitchen hood systems. The AAA Fire Protection Services team cleans your grease exhaust system when your kitchen is closed and we leave your kitchen clean and sanitary. In addition, we provide appliance tags which show governmental agencies that your kitchen is complainant with UL300. To learn how to work with our team, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.