Fire Sprinkler Services Sacramento

With over four decades of helping businesses decrease the risk of fire while increasing fire safety, AAA fire protective services continues to support new construction projects and renovations throughout Sacramento and the entire San Joaquin Valley. We are a family-owned business and experts at providing fire sprinkler services.


Our business was founded on a long history of providing integrity and honesty to businesses who need our help complying with fire protection code. Our comprehensive services begin with fire sprinkler installation and we follow that up with fire sprinklers inspections. The results of those inspections are what matter. When we find faulty sprinkler systems, we provide fire sprinkler repairs. As we service your company, we collect data and provide documentation which makes it easy for you to show governmental agencies that you are fully in compliance with their statutes. For new building projects or renovations are fire sprinkler design team works seamlessly with your architect to create affordable and comprehensive fire coverage. For more information or for a detailed quote specific to your project, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.