Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Sacramento

When Sacramento commercial kitchens need professional restaurant exhaust cleaning they turn to AAA Fire Protection Services for our expertise in fire suppression. We've been providing businesses throughout Sacramento and the San Joaquin Valley with services that exceed UL300 for the past 40 years. We work with restaurants of all sizes to install restaurant hood fire systems and to provide restaurant exhaust cleaning. We can help your restaurant obtain UL300 compliance and then help you to maintain that compliance.


The AAA Fire Protection Services Compliance services begin with the inspection and installation of Kitchen Hood Systems when needed. We offer a grease filter exchange service which replaces noncompliant mesh filters with UI300 compliant baffle filters. We follow up our grease hood filter program with thorough grease exhaust cleaning that removes all of the built up grease in your kitchen's exhaust system. By changing exhaust hood filters to baffle filters, we help to keep your hood exhaust clean. Baffle filters catch upwards of 80 percent of the grease that passes into the grease hood filters. To learn how to work with our team of professionals, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.