Fire Extinguisher Service Saratoga

Saratoga businesses and businesses throughout the South Bay area have access to quality and affordable fire extinguisher services through AAA Fire Protection Services. We offer comprehensive fire extinguisher services, including fire extinguisher sales to businesses who are trying to be in compliance with the California Code of Regulations. We provide annual fire extinguisher testing and as required, recharge services every six years from the date that the fire extinguisher is made. For fire extinguishers that need hydrostatic testing, the California Code of Regulations requires the service every 5 to 12 years.


We are a family owned business with over four decades of serving South Bay Area businesses with quality and affordable fire protection services. Our expert team works smart and efficiently to help businesses just like yours, to gain compliance and then remain there. Our fire extinguisher sales team can help by explaining what type of fire extinguisher you need and which size is required.  There are different types of fire extinguishers that are used for different types of fires, such as electrical fires or kitchen fires. So having the right fire extinguisher is critical. For more information about working with our team or if you have citations and you need them corrected, please give us a call at (800) 543-5556.