Industrial Fire Systems Saratoga


AAA Fire Protection Services is a family-owned business with 40 years of experience helping Saratoga and South Bay area businesses meet federal and state compliance for fire protection. We are an Ansul fire systems installer and we provide scheduled Ansul testing, maintenance, and repair services. Our team is made up of industry professionals with expertise across all industries found within the San Francisco Bay Area. We are an ethical and reliable company, and we view each of our contracts as a partnership. It is our job to track and monitor fire protection equipment for test, service, or repair dates.


AAA Fire Protection Services provides emergency light installation as well as a full range of emergency light service including emergency light testing and emergency light repair. We schedule and maintain all of your fire protection equipment and we make you aware of changes within your industry. Our company focuses on every industry and the unique requirements for state and federal compliance.  For example, in the automotive industry paint booth fire systems are a requirement for auto painting. We work with businesses of all sizes and every business receives expert help for comprehensive fire protection.