Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Saratoga

AAA Fire Protection Services is an expert at helping Saratoga commercial kitchens meet the standards of UL300. We offer complete restaurant hood fire systems that meet the one nozzle per appliance code and we use wet chemical extinguishing agents to help Saratoga commercial kitchens reduce the risk of fire and to improve fire suppression if a fire should occur. Our commercial kitchen business is divided into two areas. We help restaurants stay in compliance and provide ongoing services.


Our ongoing services include restaurant exhaust cleaning and our grease filter exchange service. Restaurant and grease exhaust cleaning is recommended twice per year. Grease hood filters should no longer be the mesh type. Our service replaces old mesh filters with exhaust hood filters that are Baffle in design. Grease hood filters with airtight fittings are a requirement of the 1998 UI300 standard which is why we install 18-gauge galvanized, UL-listed, “Grease Baffle Type Filters”. Our team checks kitchen hood systems for compliance and then checks the grease hood filters to make sure they are compliant and clean. For a detailed quote or answer to your questions, just call us at (800) 543-5556.