There can never be shortcuts when it comes to fire protection for your South San Francisco commercial kitchen or industrial facility. Our South San Francisco customers rely on us because they know that AAA Fire Protection Services offers a grease exhaust cleaning service that is rated the best in the business. In addition to exhaust cleaning and filter exchange, AAA Fire Protection Services installs the best fire protection and fire suppression equipment, including sprinkler systems, portable fire extinguishers and cabinets, restaurant kitchen fire suppression systems, industrial fire protection systems and much more.

We pride ourselves on honesty. Our technicians are always learning and improving. We are passionate about what we do because safety is our highest priority in South San Francisco business we service.


In the time we’ve been in business, our family-owned and run business has never lost its passion and our desire to keep learning and improving. We have the utmost dedication to the well-being of our South San Francisco customers and their employees. No matter your business, the commitment of AAA Fire Protection Services is here to protect your industrial operation, commercial kitchen or restaurant.

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