Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Stockton

AAA Fire Protection Services offers UL300 grade services that help Stockton businesses with commercial kitchens become compliant and remain compliant with the UL300 standard. Our comprehensive set of services includes the complete installation and care of restaurant hood fire systems and the ongoing care for your kitchen hood systems and commercial kitchen appliances.


One of the most powerful ways to help decrease the risk of fire in a commercial kitchen is with regular grease exhaust cleaning services. UL300 requires that restaurant exhaust cleaning occurs two times per year. However, grease exhaust cleaning is only part of the fire prevention equation. The other part is our grease filter exchange service which helps update the old style mesh hood filters with airtight Baffle filters that trap 80 percent of grease that is sucked into your exhaust hood filters. By upgrading your grease hood filters to Baffle - 18-gauge galvanized, UL-listed, Grease Baffle Type Filters you not only comply with UL300, but you decrease the risk of fire and help to improve fire suppression should a fire occur. For more information about how we can help you or for a quote that is specific to your kitchen, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.