Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Sunnyvale

AAA Fire Protection Services begin serving businesses with comprehensive fire protection services in 1974. In 1998 UL 300 outlines the standards for commercial kitchens and the fire suppression fire prevention expectations. As experts in the fire suppression and fire prevention industry, we offer complete kitchen hood systems and UL300 restaurant hood fire systems. UL300 requires that each appliance has at least a single fire suppressant nozzle. Our restaurant hood fire systems help your commercial kitchen exceed the expectations of UL 300.


AAA Fire Protection Services offers complete commercial kitchen services, including the ongoing maintenance required under UL 300. We provide quality restaurant exhaust cleaning services twice a year and we provide documentation, including tags that help you show your compliance with fire code regulations. Grease exhaust cleaning is important because the buildup of grease is one of the biggest causes of structure fires in businesses with a commercial kitchen. In addition to grease exhaust cleaning, we have a grease filter exchange service, which replaces mesh exhaust hood filters with grease hood filters that are UL300 compliant. We use 18-gauge galvanized grease baffle filters, which are 100% compliant with UL 300. For more information about working with our team of experts, just give us a call at (800) 543-5556.