Kitchen Hood Fire Systems Walnut Creek

AAA Fire Protection Services is an expert in fire suppression and prevention. We provide a variety of services for commercial kitchens that help your business meet the UL300 code. With over 40 years of experience, our expertise and understanding of UL300 make us a perfect partner for your commercial kitchen. Our kitchen services range from the installation and maintenance of restaurant hood fire systems to thorough restaurant exhaust cleaning and grease filter exchange service.

At AAA Fire Protection Services we use our expertise to help keep costs affordable. We can upgrade your grease hood filters with 18-gauge galvanized baffle type filters which meet the UL 300 code. In addition, our kitchen hood systems service includes grease exhaust cleaning and filter care. We offer exhaust hood filters and complete kitchen systems, including grease hood filters. We are a complete commercial kitchen service provider that help decrease the risk of fire and increase the capabilities of extinguishing fire once it occurs. We are a family owned business servicing Walnut Creek businesses and businesses throughout the East Bay.