Staff working at a restaurant

Insurance Benefits of Fire Protection


You work and sweat and sacrifice for your business, and it’s a terrifying fact that it could all be taken from you in a matter of minutes with an out-of-control fire. This scenario may keep you up at night, but there’s another interested party that you need to keep in mind — your insurance broker! When your business is fully protected based on state and local fire codes, then you you have an excellent reason to have a conversation with your insurance broker about some discounts. You can’t forecast when a fire could happen, but you can plan ahead and do everything possible to keep it from damaging your business. See how taking the appropriate precautions can help improve your business insurance outlook.

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The team at AAA Fire Protection Services

The Passionate Team Behind AAA Fire Protection That Keeps Your Business Safe


Our customers will tell you, we are intensely passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest technology when it comes to fire protection. Whether that’s sprinklers or kitchen grease filters — our first commitment is to your safety. We’ve been focused on providing the best, most cost-effective and proactive fire protection to the Northern California area since 1974, and our customers see how seriously we take this responsibility on a daily basis.

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