Commercial Fire Hazards That You Could Easily Avoid


While great strides have been made in the past decades to help protect commercial buildings from the ravages of fire, there are still significant losses each year that could potentially be avoided. For 2017, property loss from fires was upwards of $31 million, a staggering number especially when you consider that a structure fire occurred every 63 seconds throughout the year. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there were right under half a million structure fires, slightly up from the 40-year downward trend reported by the organization. Keep watch for these potential dangers to keep your business from becoming a fire statistic.


Reduce Clutter to a Minimum

There are specific requirements around the space that you need within a commercial office space in order to move quickly through the building. While the standards may differ slightly between states and municipalities, the one thing that doesn’t change is the need to keep aisles clear of clutter and reduce the amount of flammable material that is stacked around offices or in your building. Ask staff members to reduce this clutter or move printed materials offsite for storage to keep your business safe from accidental fires. 


Practice Safety with Small Appliances

Kitchen fires are a big issue for businesses, with burnt popcorn and other small items causing a significant number of fires for offices. Items that are left on the stove too long that burn dry or dripping into an oven are also big culprits when it comes to commercial fires. Be sure to educate your staff members on the importance of staying diligent in the kitchen to keep a quick lunch from becoming a big fire. 


Regularly Review and Update Electrical Systems

Are you working in an older building with electrical systems that were last updated several decades ago? If so, you might be sitting on a minefield of potential problems — any of which could cause a fire that could bring your business to its knees. It’s vital that you have the electrical wiring in your building reviewed by qualified professionals if its several decades old. It’s well worth the dollars required to make the updates knowing that your business will be better protected from the possibility of a major fire.


Update Sprinklers, Smoke Detectors and Other Fire Prevention Devices

When is the last time your sprinklers were fully tested, or your smoke detector batteries changed? This type of ongoing maintenance can be quickly scheduled and performed by a trusted fire prevention partner and may make the difference between having the right protection in the event of an emergency and a disastrous loss to your business. Sprinklers and other systems should be tested at least annually by a certified and vetted team of fire prevention and protection professionals. A quick scan and test may not reveal the hidden vulnerabilities that could keep your system from being effective in the event of an emergency. 

Keeping your business safe from the ravages of fire starts with common-sense decisions, such as providing separate and secure areas for smoking and teaching staff members about the appropriate use of small appliances in the office. When you’re ready to obtain the best and most proactive fire prevention service in California, contact the professionals at AAA Fire Protection today at 855-356-0020 to receive a free initial estimate for your business. We offer 24/7/365 support for your business, so you can feel confident that we are ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice.

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  • Standard Restoration

    Excellent tips for fire safety. Prevention is worth it when you are talking about something as devastating and dangerous as a fire, and that goes for the home as well as for commercial buildings.

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