Staff Safety Tips for Proper Use of a Fire Extinguisher


Protecting your business from a fire may seem relatively straightforward. You know that you have fire extinguishers scattered around. You get them tested on a (fairly) regular basis, and you have posted rules for fire safety. However, have you taken the time to properly train your staff on the safe use of a fire extinguisher?

Here are some safety tips to share with your staff. If nothing else, they are a great refresher and reminder of when and how to safely use a fire extinguisher.

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Preventing False Fire Alarms on Your Commercial Systems


You know the story: if something happens all the time, people become immune and no longer pay attention. The last thing you want to happen is to have your staff so used to hearing a fire alarm go off “accidentally” that they don’t pay attention. This can lead to some terrifying situations or a devastation accident if not handled appropriately.

Commercial fires can spiral out of control more quickly than you may realize, leaving you and your team wondering what you could have done to prevent the fire. While dealing with false alarms may seem like a tiny annoyance, it can quickly get out of control as well as cause a massive burden on overtaxed emergency services. Here are ways to prevent false alarms on your commercial fire protection systems.

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