How Often Should I Test My Industrial Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets?


Having a dangerous fire situation escalate can often be prevented if you have the correct fire safety equipment available and in great working order. Your industrial fire extinguishers and cabinets are far different from the small fire extinguishers you might expect to find in a home or small office. These industrial-strength firefighting tools may be the only thing standing between your business and disaster. See how often you should be testing your industrial fire extinguishers and cabinets to keep them in shape to protect your assets.

Dangers of Outdated Equipment

Having outdated fire protection equipment may actually be more dangerous than having none at all! What if you’re counting on your industrial fire extinguisher to protect you in the event of a sudden flare-up — and you realize that it’s no longer charged? This incredibly hazardous situation could be mitigated by simply testing your fire safety equipment on a regular basis. Even the highest quality fire prevention items can lose their ability to stop a fire over time.

Monthly Checks for Fire Extinguishers

OSHA recommends testing portable fire extinguishers on a monthly basis, making this a critical step for your operations team. Fire extinguishers should still have their pin in place and highly-visible instructions on the label. You’ll also need to scan for the pressure gauge to be sure it’s still showing green. You should also be able to quickly verify the date of the last professional inspection by checking the tag that should be attached to your fire extinguisher.

Annual Maintenance Review

The monthly checks are the first line of defense for protecting your staff, guests and business assets. However, an in-depth annual review is required to ensure that the large-scale parts of your industrial fire protection are still in excellent working order. The annual review consists of a full examination and repair of even minimal problems. Some of the things that your fire protection partner is looking for on an annual review include:

  • Rust, corrosion, leakage or weakening of the structure of the cabinet or fire extinguisher
  • Ensuring that your fire protection equipment is fully accessible and not blocked by other machinery or building structures

Larger pieces of equipment, such as your fire prevention cabinets, require a more detailed inspection every 5, 6 or 12 years. The exact requirements are determined by OSHA and can be found in this handy chart. This in-depth examination could include everything from a hydrostatic test to discharging the fire extinguisher and recharging it to ensure that everything is in full working order. Once verified, your fire protection equipment gains an inspection tag. This tag is critical as it allows building codes inspectors to see that the equipment is being properly maintained.

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