Prepping Your Fire Protection Systems for the Spring Thaw


The smell of spring is in the air in California, but there could still be some chilly nights to come. Spring is a great time to review your fire protection equipment to be sure it’s still covering all the contingencies that you need for your business. Commercial fires claim dozens of lives every year, and billions of dollars of damage to businesses — making it crucial to keep your fire protection up-to-date and tested. Here are some quick tips for prepping your fire protection systems this spring.

Risky Situations

Frozen pipes in your wet sprinkler systems aren’t the only problem that can happen that will reduce the effectiveness of your commercial fire protection system. As the weather warms up, pipe fastenings may loosen as they expand and contract with changing temperatures. This can cause leaks within your system or cause your dry systems to lose pressure. This could be extremely dangerous if you weren’t able to get the fire protection you expected from your sprinkler systems.

Maintenance for Unused Parts of Your Buildings

Checking your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can help you spot problems before they grow. Your HVAC professionals may recommend a spring cleaning of all systems that includes cleaning up around external condenser units, changing air filters, checking electrical connections and more Your fire protection system needs a similar once-over, to ensure that everything is in full working order for the next stage of your year.

Time for a Fire Alarm

A final step that should be performed on a regular basis is checking each of your fire extinguishers to be sure they haven’t passed their expiration date and are still in perfect working order. If you find anything that’s not exactly as it should be, or if you need assistance in performing a maintenance check, contact the professionals at AAA Fire Protection for assistance. Our 24-hour hotline is always available in the event of an emergency. Contact us today at 855-356-0020 to schedule your spring fire protection review!

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