Spring is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Fire Sprinkler System Inspection


According to the National Fire Protection Association, your fire sprinklers should be inspected on a very regular basis — at least once a year for most businesses. While facilities or operation managers and maintenance staff should also be performing visual and mechanical inspections, this annual review by fire protection professionals can help stop small issues before they blossom into big problems. If your sprinkler system is showing signs of wear and tear that need to be resolved, this can often be identified during your annual sprinkler system inspection. Scheduling these reviews in the spring is perfect, making May the ideal month to get started due to warming weather.

Spring-ing Into Maintenance Mode

There are many maintenance issues that need to be attended to during the warm spring months, specifically because the winter freezes have thawed. This change in temperatures can be hard on metal and plastic structures such as fire sprinkler systems. Any weakness that was invisible in the winter can suddenly become problematic as the water stored within the systems expands and contracts over the cold winter months. A small leak can easily turn into something much more aggressive that could negatively impact the ability of your fire protection system to do its job.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Schedule

While the NFPA recommends annual formal reviews of your fire protection systems, there are some additional tests and inspections that you should consider to maintain the viability of your systems.


  • Quarterly: Test the mechanical workings of your fire protection systems, water flow alarm devices, control valves, signal devices and alarm systems.
  • Annually: Inspection of pipes and fittings, spare sprinklers and information signage, full testing and tagging of the system. Review all physical systems, test water flow, alarms, trips tests for dry pipe systems and test fire pumps.
  • Every Five Years: If your sprinkler system is in a particularly harsh environment, such as extreme heat or cold, the various gauges and systems should be closely reviewed or even replaced on a five-year schedule to maintain their full efficacy.


While this schedule is a general one, your fire protection professionals can recommend a more customized schedule that will ensure your business, employees and customers are fully protected at all times. While a well-installed and maintained fire sprinkler system can last 50 years or more, this regular review of the systems helps ward off potential problems.

In general, if it has been some time since your last inspection, it’s time to get one scheduled as soon as possible. The cost of proactive maintenance and review of your system is dramatically lower than the human and capital cost of a devastating fire. Understanding the current state of your fire protection is an important first step to reducing the risk that your business will have a significant loss in the event of a fire or improperly working fire sprinkler system.

Contact the fire protection professionals at AAA Fire Protection to schedule your review today. We take pride in working with businesses of all sizes throughout the California area, and our 24-hour hotline is always available in the event of an emergency. Contact us today at 855-356-0020 to learn more or receive a free initial estimate for your business.

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