Ideal Types of Fire Protection for Computer Server Rooms


Computer server rooms can heat up pretty quickly when your air conditioning goes out and there are plenty of electronics in the space, too. Together, this can create a highly combustible situation that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of a total loss. Protecting your server room from fire has its own unique challenges, as water-based fire protections are not an option due to the electronics in the room. What are some of the best types of fire protection for computer server rooms?

Computer Rooms Need Special Protection

The US National Fire Protection Association has created a standard specifically for Information Technology Equipment. This standard was developed to reduce the threat of fire in this highly-charged location by protecting employees and equipment from the major losses that your business could sustain. Without the right protection systems in place, your could suffer service disruptions, lose access to vital business databases and still have to deal with the aftermath of site cleanups after fire damage. This makes it crucial that you work with a trusted fire protection partner to create a strategy that will protect your sensitive electronics.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

We know that water is not the best option for electronics, so what type of fire extinguisher will work? Clean agent fire extinguishers that are considered “Class C” are optimal for use with delicate and expensive electronics. There are a range of clean agent fire extinguishers such as halocarbon-based fire extinguishers, which do not leave behind a residue that could damage the components in your electronics and other equipment.

Options such as HCFC-123 is environmentally safe and non-conducting. This particular extinguisher material reacts chemically with the fuel and oxygen to disrupt the chain reaction that is occuring within the fire.

CO2 fire extinguishers are often used on high-value electronics that are extremely sensitive. Since the CO2 helps eat up the oxygen in the area so the fire no longer has fuel and is extinguished. CO2 has the added benefit of being non-toxic, doesn’t leave a residue and won’t contaminate your electronics or space.

Keep in mind that you need a professional opinion to be sure that your server room is adequately supported with fire suppression mechanisms. These systems only work when the fire suppression agent is present. If the agent is not present in a high enough concentration or it is not contained in the area, the fire could overwhelm the suppression agent and the fire will continue.

Protecting Your Server Room

Apart from fire protection options, there are also ways that you can protect your server room from having any type of fire begin. Regularly scheduled inspections of all your fire protection and suppression strategies is recommended as well as standard checks of the status of your electronics to look for frayed or broken wires. Keeping the rooms clean can reduce the possibility of fire, too. Maintaining the right temperature range is also helpful, as well as a strict humidity level of between 40-60% within the space.

If you suspect that your server room is suffering from poor maintenance or inadequate fire suppression, contact the professionals at AAA Fire Protection for assistance. We have decades of experience protecting computer server rooms, and our 24-hour hotline is always available in the event of an emergency. Contact us today at 855-356-0020 to learn more or receive a complimentary estimate for fire protection.

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