How Do Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Work?


If you have ever been through the aftermath of a fire, you know that the fire suppression system that you use can be incredibly effective when properly installed. However, the reality is that water and many oily chemicals can cause as much damage to your business as the fire itself! Fortunately, AAA Fire Protection offers an innovative approach to solving this problem — clean agent fire suppression systems. These chemical protectants are safe and reliable, and will help protect your electronics and furnishings while defending against fire. These high-tech waterless fire suppression systems work by targeting only the areas where they are needed and are the ideal solution for many business applications.

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Typical kitchen of a restaurant, toned

Never Clean Your Commercial Kitchen Grease Filters Again!


Wouldn’t it be great if your staff never had to clean nasty, greasy filters again? This may sound too good to be true, but it’s a possibility with AAA Fire Protection’s commercial grease filter exchange. Many insurance companies have identified overly-greasy filters and hoods as a primary cause of dangerous kitchen fires, making this maintenance a requirement if you want to stay in full compliance with state and local codes. However, this task is one that your teams likely shy away from on a regular basis — putting off the cleaning and replacement of filters simply because the job is so time-consuming and messy. Fortunately, our teams have the important task of filter cleaning and replacement down to a science!

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Fire extinguisher and hose reel in hotel corridor

Primary Types of Fire Protection for Your Business


Danger can assault your business from a variety of different places: in the form of hackers, theft, lost business and natural disasters such as fire and flood. While you can’t foresee every potential landmine, there are ways to protect your business from known issues such as fire. Even if your organization’s space is fully up to building codes, are you confident that you’re doing everything possible to keep from losing your income — and keeping your employees and customers safe? Here’s a rundown of the basic components of commercial fire protection and how they help support your overall business strategies.

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Insurance Benefits of Fire Protection


You work and sweat and sacrifice for your business, and it’s a terrifying fact that it could all be taken from you in a matter of minutes with an out-of-control fire. This scenario may keep you up at night, but there’s another interested party that you need to keep in mind — your insurance broker! When your business is fully protected based on state and local fire codes, then you you have an excellent reason to have a conversation with your insurance broker about some discounts. You can’t forecast when a fire could happen, but you can plan ahead and do everything possible to keep it from damaging your business. See how taking the appropriate precautions can help improve your business insurance outlook.

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The team at AAA Fire Protection Services

The Passionate Team Behind AAA Fire Protection That Keeps Your Business Safe


Our customers will tell you, we are intensely passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest technology when it comes to fire protection. Whether that’s sprinklers or kitchen grease filters — our first commitment is to your safety. We’ve been focused on providing the best, most cost-effective and proactive fire protection to the Northern California area since 1974, and our customers see how seriously we take this responsibility on a daily basis.

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