You May Need More Fire Extinguishers Than You Realize


Just as you’ll find with many things in business, there are the government-required number of fire extinguishers — and then you have the recommendations based on your particular business setup. Standard OSHA requirements are an excellent starting point, but they truly cannot replace the thoughtful review of a fire protection professional.

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Vital Facts About Fire Protection


Knowing the dangers of commercial and industrial fires starts with a full understanding of exactly how often these incidents occur — and the damage that they cause in the short- and long-term. More than 113,500 fires occurred in commercial buildings in 2015 according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a frightening number when you consider the possibility that your business can be seriously affected, too. By sharing these vital facts with your operational and human resources team, you can help raise awareness of the danger of fires and how they can be prevented.

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Why Every Business Needs a Backup Sprinkler


Protecting your business with a sprinkler system helps provide you with peace of mind that your business assets, staff and customers are protected in the case of a quick-moving fire. While sprinklers may not completely put out a raging blaze, they often can mean the difference between individuals being able to safely exit the building and being trapped inside. The use of sprinklers dramatically reduces the smoke, heat and flames that are produced in a major fire situation, and are able to extinguish or control many fires that would otherwise be difficult to handle.

Correctly designed and installed sprinklers can save you as much as 50-60% of the average property loss from a fire, especially when utilized in industrial buildings or commercial property such as apartment buildings and hotels. This highly-reliable form of fire protection has been around since the turn of the century, but fire sprinklers are not completely flawless. A loss of electrical power and other situations can cause them to not trigger as needed — which is where the importance of having a backup sprinkler comes in.

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Staff Safety Tips for Proper Use of a Fire Extinguisher


Protecting your business from a fire may seem relatively straightforward. You know that you have fire extinguishers scattered around. You get them tested on a (fairly) regular basis, and you have posted rules for fire safety. However, have you taken the time to properly train your staff on the safe use of a fire extinguisher?

Here are some safety tips to share with your staff. If nothing else, they are a great refresher and reminder of when and how to safely use a fire extinguisher.

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Preventing False Fire Alarms on Your Commercial Systems


You know the story: if something happens all the time, people become immune and no longer pay attention. The last thing you want to happen is to have your staff so used to hearing a fire alarm go off “accidentally” that they don’t pay attention. This can lead to some terrifying situations or a devastation accident if not handled appropriately.

Commercial fires can spiral out of control more quickly than you may realize, leaving you and your team wondering what you could have done to prevent the fire. While dealing with false alarms may seem like a tiny annoyance, it can quickly get out of control as well as cause a massive burden on overtaxed emergency services. Here are ways to prevent false alarms on your commercial fire protection systems.

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Should I Repair or Replace My Industrial Fire Sprinkler System?


Corrosion, rust, busted system pipes, overheated sections of fire sprinklers — how can you tell which of these items is truly threatening the safety of your team and your bottom line? Upgrading or replacing your industrial fire sprinkler is not a trivial matter, as these items are wired and piped throughout your organization. Here are some of the considerations you should keep in mind when you’re determining whether it’s time for a quick repair or if a full replacement truly is the best option.

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Common Fire Sprinkler System Malfunctions

Protecting your business and customers is of the utmost importance, which is why you’ve invested in a fire sprinkler system to help them get to safety in the event of a fire. However, fire sprinklers systems can malfunction or even fail, causing unbelievable problems for your business — and perhaps even resulting in a loss of life.

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How Often Should I Test My Industrial Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets?


Having a dangerous fire situation escalate can often be prevented if you have the correct fire safety equipment available and in great working order. Your industrial fire extinguishers and cabinets are far different from the small fire extinguishers you might expect to find in a home or small office. These industrial-strength firefighting tools may be the only thing standing between your business and disaster. See how often you should be testing your industrial fire extinguishers and cabinets to keep them in shape to protect your assets.

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Benefits of LED Emergency Lighting


When disaster strikes, you may have only minutes to safely make it out of your building and help others along the way. Smoke and fire can greatly reduce your overall visibility, making it critical that you have access to adequate lighting in the event of an emergency. Commercial lighting, together with proactive fire prevention and control measures, may mean the difference between everyone getting out your facility safely and having a serious injury or even death. Here are several benefits of adding LED lights to your fire protection plan.

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4 Reasons Employees Should Have First Aid Training


No one wants to consider a world where active shooters can walk into your establishment or where a fire or other natural disaster can occur. When the unthinkable happens, your employees should be prepared to immediately render aid to those in need. The best way to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible is to take the time to train your staff to handle basic first aid. Here’s 5 reasons why taking the time to build in first aid procedures will help your teams and customers stay safe at work.

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